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Thread: Lights will not work in one room of my home

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    Lights will not work in one room of my home

    I bought a house with a Lutron installed, it was installed approx 10 years ago. I am not sure what type of system i have. It works well in all rooms except one. In this room there is a central ceiling light and a wall light. There is one light switch on the wall, it is white and has 5 small white buttons and one button at the bottom that you should be able to use to dim the lights. But in this room none of the switches work. The orange lights on the wall panel are flashing. In a sequence top-bottom and then repeating. Pressing any of the buttons does not alter the flashing pattern or turn on any of the lights. I have tried powering off the whole system and waiting before switching back on again: it made no difference. I am not sure what to try next - does anyone have any ideas?

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    Hello stdavidshouse,
    Thank you for your post.
    Can you provide a model number of one of the keypads? It should be located on the back so this will require that you remove the keypad.

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