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Thread: Lutron Caseta macOS app?

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    Lutron Caseta macOS app?

    I'm hoping I'm missing something obvious, but where do I get the Lutron Caseta app for macOS?

    I love being able to control my Sonos speakers, my security cameras, and doorbell from my computer, but Lutron is the one major component I can't seem to find an app (or at least a web interface) for.

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    Do not believe there is one.

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    I can confirm that there isn't a Caseta app that is usable with either a Mac or a PC.
    The Caseta app is only available for iOS and Android devices.

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    Well, shucks, that's too bad. If there isn't one by now, I won't hold my breath for one coming out anytime soon. Thanks for the info!

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    Plus one!
    It would be very useful

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    I agree with others, while it shouldn't be required to setup your devices it would be nice to the ability for more advanced items and interactions with your connected devices.

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    When macOS 10.14 (Mojave) drops soon, the new "Home" app will work with Lutron Caseta lights because they are HomeKit compatible :)

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    Lutron just has to recompile their iPad app with the Catalyst checkbox in the Xcode project checked, and voilá, it produces a macOS app. Hopefully, someone who can make that decision sees this and follows through on this suggestion.

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