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Thread: Setting "unaffected mode" for Radio Powr Savr for multiple Maestro Wireless switches

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    Setting "unaffected mode" for Radio Powr Savr for multiple Maestro Wireless switches

    I was reading the Advanced Programming Manual to learn how to configure "unaffected mode" for the Radio Powr Savr occupancy sensors. This is the mode where the sensor will only turn on selected loads but will turn all loads off.

    I was able to program the mode, but it only worked for a single switch. Once I finished programming a switch, I went onto the next switch. Only the last switch programmed was in the correct mode. I finally realized that holding Test on the sensor (the final step) was resetting unaffected mode for the rest of the switches.

    In order to program multiple switches, they must all simultaneously be in the programming mode when the Test button is pressed. Or, once programmed, switches can be disabled by pulling out the FASS so they are not reset.

    Neither the documentation nor the help video explains this. Please consider updating this documentation to explain this procedure.

    Thanks for making these great products!

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    Hello agoode, we are sorry for the frustration you had getting this setup, but we are glad you got it square away. Thank you for the feedback!

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