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Thread: 240v installation

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    240v installation

    Hi there,

    When choosing a system I read somewhere that caseta supports dual voltage 120 - 270v. I then ordered the kit with a bridge, dimmer and pico remote. When I installed the dimmer it worked fine for 10mins and then I assume melted (I could smell it). After reading the technical info of the dimmer that comes in the kit, it seems like it only supports 120v and from what I can pick up, it seems like only one switch in the whole range supports dual voltage. My problem is that its only a switch and I really want the dimming functionality. Now I am sitting with a melted dimmer and a bridge and pico remote that I cannot use.

    Is there any alternative that I can use to still make use of the bridge? Like a maestro dimmer or a dimmer pro or something or should I just chalk this down to a failed experiment and move on to a system that supports 240v like insteon.

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    The only Caseta devices that can handle a voltage other than 120Vac, is the PD-5WS-DV switch. The PD-5WS-DV is only rated to work with either 120Vac or 277Vac. It's not rated for 220-240Vac use. See page 4 of the spec sheet:

    Lutron doesn't make products for 240Vac in North America. Our 240Vac products are only for use in Europe.

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