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Thread: Will HWI software run on windows 7

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    Will HWI software run on windows 7

    I'm will be servicing an old HWI system next week. I was not the original installer and I do not have the original database. I have access to an older laptop running windows 7. Will the HWI software run on this version of windows?
    Also, will I get any usable data by extracting the existing file from the processor? From what I remember, extracting the file from an HWI processor does not give you much useful information... generic room and load names, etc.

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    I'm sorry, I get confused by "HWI"- do you mean interactive or illumination?
    Regardless, either should work fine on a win 7 machine.
    There is a chance the last upload was minimal, which means the extracted program may not be 100% up to date.
    There is a chance you'll have a bad extraction, as the database is corrupted.
    If you do successfully extract, you'll have the complete program.
    When you're on site, call Lutron tech support if you have problems extracting. They have a utility that may help with difficult extractions, and in the worst case, can advise on how to easily rebuild an existing program.

    good luck-

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    Sorry, homeworks interactive. Thanks

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    Yes they both run on 7 for me Illumination and interactive.

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