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Thread: RR2 w/Sivoia Status Queries

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    RR2 w/Sivoia Status Queries

    Using 11.0 (and prior), I'm seeing odd behavior with Sivoia QS Wireless shade status queries.

    This basic query returns:

    If I explicitly open the shade:
    This is returned asynchronously when it completes:

    What I need is to be able to query that open/closed status shown above as 100.00. But when I issue the generic query at top, I always get back 0.01 whether the shade is open or closed. Can't figure out what query would be able to give me the proper status as is output when the raise or lower operation completes above. I've tried many variations like ?OUTPUT,31,2 or ?OUTPUT,31,32 etc to no avail. Oddly the action number "32" is explicitly listed as not supported by RR2, so that is another strange aspect.

    I just need the way to query the status of a shade in the system on demand. If this were a light, ?OUTPUT,31,1 works great. But for a Sivoia QS, it always reports 0.01 whether open or closed. I need it to report something similar to 0.00 when closed and 100.0 when open of course.

    Does anyone know the correct way to query the status of a Sivoia QS Wireless shade in RR2?


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    Hello cyphers,
    Thank you for your post.
    Please send us a support file to and we can start the troubleshooting process.

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