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Thread: Caseta Dimmer - at a loss

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    Unhappy Caseta Dimmer - at a loss

    I have a setup in my master bath. Three devices in a triple gang. The wiring is such that all three devices are wired together to a single black, and each to their own white.

    1. Two sconce fixtures - Caseta Dimmer - uses Phillips dimmable LEDs - works fine no issues, ever.
    2. Fan - installed a timer controller for the fan - works fine, no issues, ever
    3. Shower light (in ceiling can) - Caseta Dimmer:
      1. Original install - led water proof fixture insert - the light turns on then turns off randomly. While I did not do the investigation, I assume the led is not compatible. But when the led is in the fixture the caseta Dimmer lights up green and works / dims but the light flickers.
      2. I swapped out the led fixture insert with a single Phillips dimmable LED bulb - same one as in the sconces above. When this bulb is in, the dimmer does not light up green and is essentially dead. Lights don't turn on, totally unresponsive. I don't get it at all.
      3. I have some cheap, not dimmable Phillips LED bulbs. Put one of those in and the bulb flickers on and off constantly, but the dimmer lights up green and is responsive.

    This makes no sense to me. I assumed, put in the same bulb as the sconces in and be done, but that doesnt work as the dimmer is unresponsive. I have no clue why or how what I put into the socket impacts the dimmer itself. Any advice is appreciated.

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    Sounds like you are dealing with a min load issue. The wall sconce are using 2 maybe 4 bulbs? The shower light I assume just 1? Even with philips I find some work, some don't. Seems to be Trial and error.

    Worst case would be to instal a pro dimmer or switch and use the mlc in the fixture.

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    Try the lutron load; wires parallel to the lamp.
    Good luck

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