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Thread: Caseta PD-5NE ELV dimmer error

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    Caseta PD-5NE ELV dimmer error

    Hi guys,
    After the installation of this dimmer (To control two ceiling fixtures) I get the dimmer not working, having two flashing LED on it.
    In the Troubleshooting section of the Advanced Installation Guide ( I read this:

    Top and middle LEDs are blinking rapidly. - : - Product detected an MLV fault (PRO Dimmer only)• Connect Neutral to the dimmer (required for MLV load)

    Well, the neutral wire is connected. Without that the dimmer doesn't even come up. It's not only optional but required.

    Anybody has the same issue, perhaps know the solution to it?

    Thank you

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    Thank you.
    The phase change hasn't helped, line and load connections aren't switched, the load is below the max capacity of the dimmer.
    Seems like a broken device, got sent back for replacement.

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    Mine had the same problem and needed a reset. The instructions for that are in the link as well.

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