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Thread: Control Timeclock Events with Keypad Button Presses

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    Control Timeclock Events with Keypad Button Presses

    A Dealer asked us how we could control which timeclock events can execute or not with keypad button presses. We thought this information would be useful to share with the support community. Attached is a sample project file with the following programming.

    There is a true/false variable called "timeclock". on the away button the variable is set to be true. Since the button is a toggle button it will toggle the variable between true and false.

    There are two timeclock events. One event will always occur and one will only occur when the variable is true. For the event that only occurs when the variable is true it is set to be a conditional. On preset 1 the lights are programmed to turn on and the other presets have been deleted. On the event tab there is an "If Else" statement. If the variable is true preset 1 is executed. Since nothing is programmed when the variable is false this event will do affect the lights when the variable is false.
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