I have 8 LED downlights from CE (CER6730MWH40) which are on the compatibility list with my Caseta in-wall dimmer (PD-6WCL). They buzz when fully on and the buzz gets softer as they are dimmed but is still heard when fully dimmed. It goes away completely when I hit the off switch. I installed a second Caseta dimmer in a different part of the basement where I have the same lights on a different circuit and have the same result. Are there issues with the daylight brightness LED downlights and Caseta dimmers? Should I switch to the CER6730MWH27 which was actually the bulb tested or is there something I am missing? I don't think it is the bulb being loose or anything like that since it happens all over the basement and on different Caseta dimmers. My electrician used 12awg wire so not sure if there are issues wire-nutting that with the 16awg looking wire on the back of the Caseta or if there are any known issues here? I have 29 of those downlights on multiple switches so I would really like to avoid replacing all of those ($$!!) since the Caseta was supposed to be compatible. Thanks for any hints anyone can provide!