I have two different light circuits powered by Caseta dimmers, and in both cases the lights flash on and off repeatedly.

The scenarios are a bit different:

  • HALOGEN BULBS FLASH ONLY WHEN TURNED ON VIA PICO/SMARTBRIDGE: One circuit has two halogen bulbs. It works perfectly as long as I turn it on using the primary Caseta dimmer. However, it flashes on and off about half of the time if I power it up using a Pico remote that selects a Hub scene that calls for the circuit to power @ 100%. This started happening as soon as I created the scene.
  • LED CIRCUIT FLASHES NO MATTER HOW IT'S TURNED ON, WORKED FINE FOR FIRST SIX MONTHS: The other circuit powers under-cabinet low voltage LED strip lights powered by a transformer. This circuit has been working perfectly (both directly and via Smart Bridge scenes) since I installed it about six months ago. The lights started flashing on and off yesterday, and the flashing happens no matter how I turn the lights on—via the switch itself or via a Pico remote/Smart Bridge scene. I have TWO OTHER CIRCUITS wired identically, and they both continue to work just fine.

In both cases the switches are PD-6WCL.

Is there a fix? Are the switches bad?