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Thread: Pico w/ Shades

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    Pico w/ Shades

    Have inclusive 6.3, I want to control a shade via a pico. When I am in "Program" tab and select the pico, the shade in the same room disappears from the right side menu (both are in the same room).

    Is there a problem or can we just not do this?

    Using a regular keypad in the same room, I get the results I want. Just the Pico will only allow me to select dimmers/switches....

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    The PICO you have selected in the "Add New Device" window is a PICO engraved for lighting control and will only control lights. Please select the PICO engraved for shading control under the "Shades" category in order to use this PICO for shade programming and control.

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    OK, but I want to put lights on the same button(Scene)? Now I cannot add lights...

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    In the RadioRA2 system there not a way to have a pico control both lights and shades. The light pico will only control the lights and the shade pico will only control the shades.

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