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Thread: Pair 4 button wireless remote to Caseta In-Wall Dimmer?

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    Pair 4 button wireless remote to Caseta In-Wall Dimmer?

    We have several 4 button remotes paired to a Grafik Eye. We also have several 3 button with Raise/Lower remotes paired to Caseta In-Wall Dimmers. All that works well.

    I'd like the 4 button remotes to also turn on the wall dimmers but I've not found a way to pair the 4 button remotes to the In-Wall Dimmers. I can get each of them into the pairing mode (lights flashing) but they won't pair. Am I missing something or isn't that possible?

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    4 button remotes definitely pair to caseta in-wall dimmers. Make sure you're doing it through the Caseta app-- at least that's how I've always seen the pairing done. You then set light levels by setting your scene and holding one of the 4 buttons to saves those light levels.

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    What remote are you using - is it a specific PICO that can be used to program scenes, or can I use the PICO that came with my Casetta system and program those buttons specifically? Would it be something like this and is this compatible with Caseta and setting Scenes?

    Model: PJ2-4B-WH-L31P

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    There are several relevant picos, depending on what you're controlling. For lights, there's the one with dim up and dim down, and the other one you linked with different favorite settings, I think think one more. You can pair each of them to multiple dimmers, set the dimmers to the levels you want in a scene, and hold the appropriate favorite button to save that on/off/dimming level.

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    Thanks for the response. I'm looking specifically for a 'scene' remote, similar to the functionality of what the Android/iphone app provide. In my master bedroom I have 3 Caseta units I want to control with one remote. Each of them have their own Pico remote that came with it (5-buttons: On Dim+ Dim- Favorite Off). I have two single-pole switches, one controls a chandelier and one controls overhead can lights. The 3rd piece is a 2-lamp dimmer that runs the lamps on nightstands.

    Basically I want one remote that has 4 scenes and can be mapped for functionality of all of them, just like the Lutron app allows - only right there in one handy remote. :) It seems like this is exactly what the remote pictured here should do. It has 4 (unlabeled) buttons, and different than the one that shows dimmer buttons (up/down arrows printed on the device would scare me that it's not truly programmable).

    Basically, I want 4 scenes:
    4 - top button to be all on, all 100%
    3 - reading (multiple dimmed settings)
    2 - dim - just the overhead cans 38%
    1 - all Off

    Hoping that a single scene remote exists and is compatible with the Caseta products, and that's what it is designed for. One of the scarier things is that the specific model of remote isn't available on Amazon or the other big stores, so I'm not sure if it's not a supported model or if it's not compatible with this product line etc. Was hoping there was a 'chat now' type feature on the Lutron site, but there wasn't so the Community here looked like the best place to ask. :) Thanks!

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    Sorry I only skimmed your message but I think you want some buttons to only turn off a subset of what you want another button on the same pico you linked to control and that's not possible with Caseta. All the button on the pico set all linked dimmers to a level any time a button is pushed. You can get the behavior you want with two different picos linked to different sets of dimmers (which can overlap). You can also use not lutron switches/buttons and link them into Caseta via smartthings or similar.

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    Or maybe your message was saying you want scene 2 dim to set Overheads to 38 and others to zero. That's possible with the remote you linked-- it's what it's for.

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    any suggestions for the "not" lutron switches, that would be helpful as I do have all the other Smartthings and connected services like that. Just a point in the right direction would be appreciated, but definitely, I want a wireless scene remote - too bad the Caseta series doesn't support a 'scene' functional remote. I use the Lutron app on my phone and it's quite handy, but my wife doesn't want to fuss with any of that so just a basic remote on the nightstand is the solution I'm trying to get to. Thanks!

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