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Thread: Multiple Occupancy Sensors in Different Rooms Controlling one Load

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    Multiple Occupancy Sensors in Different Rooms Controlling one Load


    I have three occupancy sensors in my master bathroom.

    1 turns on the light
    1 is over the toilet and turns on the exhaust fan
    1 is in the shower and turns on the shower light and exhaust fan

    I had to create three different rooms and put each sensor in a different room to get the sensor specific programming. It works great

    How does it work when I have two sensors in different rooms both controlling the exhaust fan? I was in the shower today and the exhaust fan turned off. I believe it was due to the sensor over the toilet that had previously turned the fan on had seen no motion and turned the fan off. If I program a delay does that change things?


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    It won't change with a delay other than it might give you enough time to finish the shower. Turning up the sensitivity on the shower sensor might work as well to generate an on signal sooner, and reducing the time the exhaust fan is Off. Personally, the delay on the toilet sensor is probably the easiest and fastest way to solve the problem.
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