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Thread: Maestro occupancy switch turns on without any motion and stays on

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    Maestro occupancy switch turns on without any motion and stays on

    I installed 5 Maestro 2 pole occupancy switches around the house but have one location that constantly misbehaves. The problem is the switch works fine for weeks at a time, then suddenly it will switch on by itself with nobody nearby and stay on indefinitely. If I manually turn it off, it will come back on within minutes. I've replaced the switch once (exchanged it at Home Depot) and swapped it with a known working Maestro switch and after a few weeks, the problem returns to this location.

    This one with the problem is installed in a bathroom connected to a vanity light bar with 4 LED bulbs (NOMA brand 60w equivalent, dimmable). There is also an exhaust fan on a normal switch and different circuit in the room. This bathroom is low traffic compared to the other locations in the house where other Maestro switches are installed. I've removed the LED bulbs are replaced it with a single 60w incandescent to test without any change in behavior.

    The other Maestro switches around the house using the same NOMA bulbs and work ok.

    The settings on the switch in question are all the default settings (I went through each setting to make sure it wasn't set differently), the other switches that are working fine only have the timeout values changed.

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    Any chance there's stray motion being detected? Or a source of RF/IR noise that's tripping the sensor?

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