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Thread: Switch Requires 75C Wiring?

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    Switch Requires 75C Wiring?

    I just picked up a PD-6ANS-WH and was ready to install it when I noticed a sticker on the back that stated use 75C or greater rated wires. I assume this means the switch requires 75 degree Celsius related wires?

    I haven't seen any other switches that require this. My house was built before the 1980s, so most of the wiring is rated at 60C or not rated for a temperature. Does that mean I'll have to run new wire before I use any of these switches?

    Final question, is this a requirement for all of the Caseta switches and dimmers?

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    I think/hope you are misinterpreting the sticker. I believe the intent is to inform you that the device is rated for 75c wiring. But if the wording is as you posted then there might be an issue. Looking forward to some input from others.

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    Pretty detailed spec here but no mention of 60c/75c wiring
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukeetal View Post
    Pretty detailed spec here but no mention of 60c/75c wiring
    I also searched all the specs and there was no mention of it. However, the back of the unit states: Use wire rated >= 75C.

    I've looked at it very closely to see if I'm misunderstanding something, but it doesn't have any other writing (except for the same statement in two other languages). And it is definitely a "greater than or equal to symbol", not a "less than" symbol.

    It seems that such a requirement should be listed in the specs somewhere, because many houses will not have 75C rated wire. I don't know what the risk is for using it with lower rated wire, but if that's the requirement I don't plan to find out. I'll either have to use a different switch where 75C wire is not required or run new 75C rated wire if I can. I might be being overly cautious, but I assume the label is on there for a reason.

    I'm just disappointed this requirement is not listed up front. Does anyone else have dimmer units or other models they could check to see if they have the same sticker?

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