I was hoping to pick the brains of people that have done this before.

I have two kids and both have RadioRa2 controls in their room. But I am barely scratching the potential of the system.

Both have two gang switch boxes by the door. The first gang has controls the can lights, and the second is empty (switched wall outlets wired to always be hot) with a pico. The pico controls the floor lamp. I have shades in each room that I have another pico sitting on the changing table.

I want to start using scenes and have the system be smarter. A kids room seems like a pretty common use case and I wonder what others have done.

Currently I am thinking about a keypad and a motion sensor with the following.

Play - can lights on, shades open, floor lamp off
Read - can lights off, shades 5% open, and floor lamp on
Sleep - All off/closed, sound machine on, maybe a nightlight on
Off/Vacant - Lights off, but shades open so I can see when my wife and I need to go in the room to put away laundry, etc.

Maybe play should be called daytime and an occupancy sensor can be used to turn the light on and off whenever it is being used.

I would tie the scenes into my home automation to not ring the doorbell when the mode is "Sleep."

Any suggestions? What keypad would you recommend? RRD-HN1RLD ? RRD-HN2RLD?