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Thread: New Client Concerned About RF Health Issues

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    Question New Client Concerned About RF Health Issues

    I have a new client that is concerned about health issues related to wireless/RF technology (cell phones, network devices, and of course, RF lighting controls). WRT the lighting control aspect, I looked around the Lutron web site for any health-related information associated with the ClearConnect technology but couldn't find anything. Can anyone, esp from Lutron, point me to any information that I may share with my client related to this?


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    Hello jkvossen,
    Thank you for your post.
    Here is a white paper on Lutron CLear Connect RF technology. The system does not continuously broadcast, only when needed to send a communication.
    I am not aware of any health related risks. I would recommend you contact the FCC for any related health risks when using RF technologies.

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    I read some articles about the effect of wireless technology on health. There are some concerns that it can cause cancer. And when you think about how technology is evolving, the thought that these devices can shorten your life scares you. But we do not exaggerate things, as there are no cases to prove these theories. I am 30 years old, and I would like to live a long time with my children and grandchildren. So the best investment I can make now is to invest in my health and have enough money. So applying for 8 million dollar life insurance can satisfy these desires.

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    I would not just walk but run away from that customer.

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