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Thread: Plug in Dimmer LED compatibility?

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    Plug in Dimmer LED compatibility?

    I am a homeowner, currently experimenting with Caseta products, but seriously considering whether to upgrade to RadioRA2 before I spend any more money.

    I love using plug-in lamp dimmers to help integrate table lamps into our lighting scenes. The Caseta plug-in dimmer is compatible with LED's. Based on my brief reading, it looks like the RadioRA2 plug-in dimmer module is NOT compatible with LED's.

    Am I reading this right? Has anyone used LED's with them anyways?

    Lutron, can you explain why I have to pay 2x the cost for the RadioRA2 plug-in dimmer, and it doesn't even support LED loads?

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    Hello smart_home_guy,
    Thank you for your post.
    The plug in lamp dimmer for RadioRa2 is tested with LEDs. Please use the led tool found here to find LEDs that work with this dimmer.

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