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Thread: Ketra

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    Has anyone worked with Ketra Fixtures or Systems?

    Very curious about experiences

    John Nielsen

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    We have 1 project coming up using their lights as part of a restaurant. I've heard the company support is good. We are supplying DMX interface to send intensity commands and once those 10 channels are programmed our responsibility ends, basically. The Ketra site team will then program the lights to fit the lighting designer's needs.
    I've told the electrician that Ketra and Lighting Designer are responsible for layout of lights and RF interfaces. We don't want to be responsible for RF interference causing lights to not respond properly.
    I'd be a-okay with the concept if it was wired control end-to-end. I can see why they chose RF (zigbee) communication but I wouldn't want to rely on that for lighting control. I don't like the idea of wiring lights so that once you are roughed in your only choice is Ketra. If the company goes belly-up you'll have to tear open the ceilings and rewire everything conventionally.

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