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Thread: 2 button palladiom keypads programming,

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    2 button palladiom keypads programming,

    We have a client who has palladiom keypads installed in his house, most of them are 2 button keypads.
    This is the programming client is requesting for 2 button keypads:

    Astronomical Time Clock ( daylight saving )

    Day scene : sunrise
    Evening : 1 hour before sunset
    Night : 2 hours after sunset
    Plates Buttons - Scene - Function :
    1. Lighting Scene 1/2/3
    2. Lighting Off

    *For Button 1:
    -Press once recall Timed event according to time clock
    -Repeat press cycle trough scene1-3

    This is what I would do: create a single variable with 3 different states , day, evening and night. Program a time clock and attach it the variables according to time of the day. Select the keypad to program, change program type from normal to the single variable with the 3 states I have created. Program a scene according to time of the day, it doesn't seem too bad at this point...

    This is where I get stuck, for Button 1, if a press it once it should run the scene according to time of the day, but how do I make the same button to cycle trough these 3 scenes? (day,evening, night)

    For button 2 no problem, program single action button with all lights to 0%

    Thanks in advance…

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    Hello Milton C.,
    Thank you for your post.
    Program the scenes to a manual sequence and then program the manual sequence to the button press. Have each variable state start the respective manual sequence step for your scene.

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    Hi Blair S.,
    Thank you for replying to my post...

    I just programmed the keypads in software. I will be on site this coming Friday to make a transfer and test the programming
    Thank you once again

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