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Thread: Feature Request Sonos Audio Pico

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    Feature Request Sonos Audio Pico

    I have an love the Lutron Audio Pico Keypads. I am not sure if this is a request for Sonos or Lutron or both.

    The Lutron keypad can cycle Sonos Favorites. However when Favorite Spotify playlists are cycled the next Favorite playlist just gets added to the queue and the last Favorite already in the queue remains. So what happens is if you need to cycle through a few favorites to get what you want playing a ton of songs end up in the queue. If shuffle is turned on it creates a huge mess.

    I think the resolution would be that when a new Favorite is cycled to the queue gets cleared before the next Favorite playlist is added to the queue. Or perhaps a better way to request this would be:

    Can a clear queue command be added before the cycle Favorites command is sent?
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    Hello Lukeetal,
    Thank you for your post.
    I will investigate this to see if it's something that Lutron can help with.

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    Hello Lukeetal,
    This issue has been raised before. This appears to be abug with Sonos where instead of replacing the playlist as expected, they queueplaylists instead. From our investigation into this, we are sending Sonos thecorrect command to cycle the Favorites playlist, but Sonos is queueing insteadof replacing the playlist.

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