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Thread: Can dimming limits be set?

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    Can dimming limits be set?

    I am trying to find a led downlight with good performance with RR2. Every downlight I have tested fits one of two profiles:
    1) When the dimmer is all the way down the light only goes down to about 40% brightness. It turns on and off instantly.
    2) The LED can get very dim with the dimmer, but if you turn the dimmer all the way down the light will turn off. If you turn the lights off with the led very dim then turn the lights back on, it can take a long time before you see any light. And in some cases the lights will not come back on at a super-low level.

    I like #2 better because the dimming range is greater, but the problem is that if you dim too low the lights will shut prematurely shut off. I am wondering if RR2 has a way to programmatically limit the dimming so that you can prevent dimming below a certain level. For example if you want to set the lower limit at 15% then none of the dimmers will go below 15% when you turn them all the way down. In other words the dimming range would be 15%-100% instead of 0% - 100%.

    I'm using arbitrary numbers so ignore them. I just want to know if I can keep the dimmers from going too low.

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    Try adjusting the low-end trim.
    From the device, enter "advanced programming mode" refer to application note #247
    Or in the Ra software, from the menu bar: Tools > Verify Low End


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    Thank you but I only have one RR2 dimmer for testing purposes. I'm trying to decide whether to go through with this RR2 install or if I should start looking at other lighting control systems. Unfortunately, I've wired entire house's lighting to a central location so my options may be limited.

    I don't have a RR2 controller or any software to play with, just the one dimmer. So I need someone to tell me if what I want to do is possible. Of course I won't be able to limit dimming with the limited hardware I have, I just need a concrete answer on if it is possible.

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    Hello uscpsycho, It will depend on the RadioRA 2 dimmer you are using. If it supports adjusting the low end trim manually, it would be the same procedure that can be found on step 7 of the MACL-153M installation guide.

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