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Thread: Caseta & Osram Lightify BR30

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    Caseta & Osram Lightify BR30


    I just tried installing a Caseta Wireless (PD-6WCL) in my kitchen which controls my four BR30 Osram Lightify light bulbs.

    After the install, the switch seems to crash and acts as if it has a mind of it's own (video link below showing what happens)

    Also, I tried to install a different PD-6WCL in a 3-way switch and nothing...the switch is quiet and the bulb unlit (also a Lightify BR30).

    Thanks for having a look,

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    Hello vitamin,
    Thank you for your post.
    Lightify is its own lighting control system. The dimmer is likely not going to be compatible with these smart bulb types. The video does show a classic compatibility related issue. I would advise against installing our lighting controls on smart bulbs that already have their own form of proprietary control.

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