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Thread: Designing Office with LED's, occupancy sensors/dimming and daylight sensor

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    Designing Office with LED's, occupancy sensors/dimming and daylight sensor

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to set up an office with 2 daylight sensors, 276 16W LED T8 Tube lights (possibly TOGGLED brand, as they seem to be compatible with Lutron dimmers) as well as occupancy sensors. The office is divided into 2 sections and each are 2 stories high. I was thinking I could install one daylight sensor on each of these 2 sections, as the lower and upper floor share the same wall and the same angle toward the sun. Sorry if this is confusing.

    Based on my research, I was thinking we could use four MRF2-6CL LED dimmers, one for each office space. As they can each support 9 companion dimmers, and each dimmer can support 150W (equivalent to nine 16W LED's), this would support the 276 LED T8 Tubes. I became confused trying to learn if some of these 9 companion dimmers could be occupancy sensors as well? I know there is the MSCL-OP153M LED multi-location occupancy sensor and dimmer.

    Would this work? Does anyone have experience as to how the daylight sensor, main dimmer, and the companion dimmers/occupancy sensors would interact? Also, it might be good to have individual dimmers in each office (there are 16 offices), but that is not a necessity. I'm just trying to make sense of all the components. Maybe an Energy Savr Node would work?

    Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

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    Hello jct1212, You really want to talk to a Lutron rep about this application. They will be able to take a look at the space you have, and help you determine what would be the best controls for that space. To do that, you can use our "Where to buy" tool at

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    Improving office conditions might also be a beneficial investment, obviously. I assumed that a new setting would have no effect on productivity, but I was mistaken. We relocated to a new office provided by, which is in excellent shape. Most importantly, I like that I now have my own private room where no one can see what I'm doing at work. It allows me to focus on my activities and avoid distractions, allowing me to do the same number of chores in less time. We also have that LED technology that allows us to work more efficiently.

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