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Thread: Newby question here??

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    Newby question here??

    I just purchased the Dimmer kit with the smart bridge, In hopes of using it with Alexa. I'm not concerned with the dimming of the lights I would just like the remote ability to turn them off and on.

    My questions- Will the dimmer work as an on/off switch? Or is there another unit I should buy?

    In my kitchen now I have a 3 switch plate, kitchen light, outside light and overhead bar light.

    If the dimmer works as an on/off will I need that Pico remote for all 3 switches? turning my simple 3 switch plate into a 6? So 3 dimmers and 3 Pico remotes??

    Thanks guys and gals!


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    Hello Jkurz211,
    Thank you for your post.
    The dimmer will work with compatible lighting. If the lighting is non dim then I would recommend a switch instead. (PD-5WS or PD-6ANS) If you want remote control of 3 individual lights then yo will need 3 picos, one for each. If you didn't want to use the picos next to the 3 switches we do have pedestals as well.

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    I think you will like using your new Caseta with Alexa! It is a lot of fun to use voice commands to control your lighting.

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