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Thread: Suggestion: add Lutron Connect app to AppleTV

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    Cool Suggestion: add Lutron Connect app to AppleTV

    Like Nest, Lutron should think in adding the Lutron Connect app to AppleTV, so that Home Owners can control their home while sitting in their couch watching TV. Sometimes they don't have their phones nearby and they want to lower the shades to watch TV.

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    The new connect bridge lets you do just that with scenes/lights setup in home kit while your phone isn't nearby. (I just speak into the appleTV remote)

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    It is nice that the Apple TV works with HomeKit devices, but I agree that Lutron could add something of a dashboard on the Apple TV.

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    It's a slippery slope adding a display. Because it quickly becomes underwhelming/annoying having a bunch of separate vendor-specific control apps. And few (if any) universal controlling apps are worth the hassle/expense.

    So, yeah, something would be nice but it's difficult pinning down just how much would be enough.

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