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Thread: Time for revised and new Alexa commands - suggestion

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    Time for revised and new Alexa commands - suggestion

    It's about time to create new commands for Alexa when it comes to shades and lighting zones. The commands "raise" and "lower" should be added to the library. Also, it's about time to include toggle commands like "turn on/off" lights, and go beyond only being able to activate scenes. As you all know, Home Owner keypads can only include toggle actions, not scenes, so in order to be able to get full potential of Alexa the RA2 programmer is required to create fake keypads with scenes. Fake keypads generate errors during Transfer.

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    Hello Dimerize,
    Thank you for your post.
    I will ensure your feedback gets to the appropriate teams for review.

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    "Open" and "Close" would also be critical for shading (draperies). Could you please pass this along to the appropriate teams?

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    We need Lutron to urgently take action on the integration with Alexa, it's been almost a year now that my clients complain about the louzy integration for shades. It's impossible to raise or lower a shade without sending weird repeated commands to Alexa, such as "Alexa, turn on Master Bedroom shade", that doesn't mean anything in verbal language, it's a code. They need to repeat that three times for a shade to lower... Clients notice this type of shortfalls...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dimerize View Post
    ... Clients notice these type of shortfalls...
    Agreed. Given this is NOT a customer-wire solution, but something ENTIRELY up in the cloud, this should be a no-brainer for Lutron to make a priority. Only one set of code to implement and test, that runs against only one set of server hardware.

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    Blair S - Could you please confirm that all of the above feedback is shared with the appropriate product manager?

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    I was just wondering about this too. Still no support for toggle or individual devices is crazy.

    lack of improvement in wording is also suprising too.

    Alexa turn on All (silent mutter "off")
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    Caseta with Triathlon Shades, Sonos, Harmony, Nest, Alexa, and HomeKit.

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    Being new to Caseta and Alexa (and HomeKit) I find it hard to make sense when telling Alexa to do scene things. I have a Goodnight, Leaving Home and other scenes. Its not a natural voice cadence of sorts saying 'Alexa, turn on Goodnight'. You need to permit the work 'set' to the command library. Much more natural 'Alexa, set Leaving Home'.

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    Hi Lutron contributors,

    Could we please get an update on whether the requests in this thread have been shared with the appropriate parties and whether there is any feedback that can be shared with us?


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    Hey Guys, keep in mind that Lutron has only half, or less, of this equation. Alexa has to understand those actions and button models for it to work.

    Lutron already supports all the actions you are asking for. Amazon needs to update Alexa for the logic of home control in the real world.

    Team Lutron, are you making any headway on this? Anything new showing at CEDIA that improves it?
    Phil Scheetz
    Lighting Control Solutions

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