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Thread: RA 2 & Windows 8.1 Issues (Finding Main Repeater)

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    RA 2 & Windows 8.1 Issues (Finding Main Repeater)

    For some stupid reason I updated my Windows 8 to 8.1.

    Now when I open a project and try to find a main repeater the program it takes forever to find the Repeater and 9/10 times the program becomes unresponsive.

    I was using this computer for a lot of systems using Window 8.0 with no issues. Anyone else run into this problem ?

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    Did a trail run at the house with a new main Repeater and laptop hardwired to the network. Hit the "find repeater" button and let the program search, It took 6 minutes to find the Main Repeater. All Firewalls are disabled that I know of...Any ideas

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    If this is an existing system that you are adding devices to or making programming changes to you do not need to find the main repeater every time you connect to the system. Since the main repeater settings are stored in the project file you can just enter activation or do a file transfer.

    Since you are experiencing this issue when you are connected over the local network if you set a static IP address on your computer and directly connect your computer to the main repeater do you still experience issues when finding the main repeater?

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    Thanks for the reply. Yes I still experience slow times for finding the Main Repeater. I tried everything that I knew to remedy the issue. I ended up getting a new work computer anyway and using the old one at home.

    Side Note: RadioRa2 was not the only software that 8.1 had negatively effected.

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