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Thread: Switch Operation is Reversed

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    Switch Operation is Reversed

    I just purchased and installed a LUTRON TGCL-153PH-WH Toggler Dimmer Switch for LED, Incandescent and halogen bulbs, White. The switch and dimmer work fine but the operation of the switch is reversed. With the switch mounted in the upright position:

    - Moving the switch lever to the up position turns the lights off
    - Moving the switch lever to the down position turns the lights on

    The operation of the dimmer is correct - in that position, moving the dimmer slider up brightens the lights, down dims the lights

    The operation of the switch is reversed from what it should be. How do I correct this problem? If I mount the switch upside-down, the switch will work properly but then the dimmer slider will be reversed.


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    Hello chuckc3, This is a very simple fix. What you need to do is take the wire that is attached to the brass screw above the copper screw, and move it to the brass screw on the opposite side of the copper screw.

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