I recently installed three sets of of in ceiling LED lamps in my living room/Dining room controlled by Caseta in wall dimmers (model PD-6WCL). The two sets of lights in the living room control 6 and 7 dimmable Halo LED's respectively and work fine. The third switch controls two Halo LED's. When this switch is turned on it often flashes rather than coming full on. If I hit the down arrow, the light then comes on full. I have adjusted the dimmer range per the web site, and I got some improvement. In general it seems to happen after the adjustment when it comes on cold. If I turn the light off and then turn it back on it usually comes on normally. Alternatively, if I just push the up arrow the light comes on at the low value and brightens as the light level increases to it's full value with no flashing at any level. It seems to me I either have a faulty light (one or both) or the switch is bad. Any suggestions other than swap the lights and switch out until it works?