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Thread: Bulb Compatibly between Maestro and Caseta Dimmers

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    Question Bulb Compatibly between Maestro and Caseta Dimmers

    What if any conclusions can be drawn about dimmable Bulb compatibility between these two different Dimmers.

    One would expect similar Dimming technology to be employed in each with only the added Wireless functionality added to Caseta dimmers.

    Can a Lutron expert please way in on what we can and cannot look for in Bulb compatibility in homes running both Maestro and Caseta dimmers?


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    A quick added note:

    Many bulb manufacturers may only have tested their bulbs with the Maestro so knowing cross-family compatibility will help expand the list of available bulbs for the Caseta line of dimmers.

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    The Maestro and Caseta, while both digital dimmers, are electronically different enough that just because an LED is compatible with one, does not necessarily mean it will be compatible with the other.

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