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Thread: Pico and Occ Sensors out of programming

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    Pico and Occ Sensors out of programming

    Hello all,
    anyone here ever have an issue with occ sensors and pico's disconnecting from system? I have a system with just over 90 devices which has been in for 2-3 years and seems like all my Pico and occ sensors are not working. I had one of my employees stop at house to troubleshoot lights not working and All keypads and switches are fine but 4 picos and 5 occ sensors seem to be totally off system. Anyone else ever have this issue?

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    Ben M.
    The Pico and Occ sensors are one-way transmitters. So when activated to the RadioRA2 system they are not sending commands directly to their respective dimmers / switches, but rather sending one-way commands to the Main Repeater. The main repeater then does the work of sending commands to the respective dimmers /switches.

    SeeTouch Keypads on the other hand, can sometimes work without the main repeater as long as the loads they are controlling are within 30 ft of the keypad.

    So if the picos and occ sensors are the only devices not working then it sounds like a problem with the main repeater.

    Verify the main repeater is plugged in and has power and that the letter "M" status light is lit. Either solid green or alternating green/orange.

    You can also try transferring the project file to the main repeater again.

    Without the main repeater, the one-way transmitters will not function properly.

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