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Thread: LED lights still glow when ELV+ dimmer is off

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    Quote Originally Posted by clorigo View Post
    I attempted to use this (LUT-MLC) for the exact reason listed here and while it did allow the light to go off all the way, when it was on the light fixture would blink about once every 5-15 seconds (go off and then turn on again). I suppose it could be a light incompatibility, any ideas?
    Hi there. I am having this very issue currently. My electrician is looking everywhere trying to get answers. Can I ask how you ended up solving this problem?To be clear, my original issue was that the bulbs wouldn't go completely off when I hit the 'Off' switch. So my electrician installed the LUT-MLC. Now, the light goes all the way off, however when turned fully 'On', they turn off after a few seconds, then back on for a few seconds, then back off, continuously.Were you able to solve this problem?Thanks for any help!

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    It has been a nice and useful topic. I wanted to write because I thought it would work for me. Thanks.

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