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Thread: LED lights still glow when ELV+ dimmer is off

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    LED lights still glow when ELV+ dimmer is off

    I have a Lutron PD-5NE Caseta ELV+ Dimmer wired up to a chandelier with 15 dimmable G9 LED 2W bulbs, which I assume are wired in parallel. For reference, the chandelier is:

    Possini Euro Design, Ramona 32" Pendant Light:
    And each bulb is:

    The chandelier came with non-dimmable bulbs, and I replaced them with dimmable ones.

    I then wired in the PD-5NE, which uses a NEUTRAL connection.
    When the switch is on, the dimmer works as expected... brighter at the top LED, and dimmer at the bottom. Works fine.
    When the switch is off (all the LEDs on the switch are glowing very slightly), the chandelier should be off completely. But it's not. I can see a faint glow on each bulb.
    When the FASS Front Accessible Service Switch is pulled out, the chandelier stops glowing.

    If I use a pencil-type power presence tester and touch it to the PD-5NE's black wire, it blinks and beeps, as expected, because it's the HOT.
    When I touch it to the PD-5NE's red wire (the LOAD wire), it blinks and beeps... but shouldn't. In fact, I tried this on another PD-5NE which is connected to some recessed ceiling mounted LED fixtures, and it indicates no power on that wire when the switch is off.
    Next, I used a volt meter, and measured about 73 volts across the red-to-white (load-to-neutral), when the switch is off. And, 73 volts across the red-to-green(ground), and 122 volts across black-to-white). The 73 volts is unexpected. Again, on the other switch/circuit, I read 0 volts under the same circumstances.

    I have replaced the PD-5NE, and it is still happening with the second one.
    The chandelier circuit shares a HOT and NEUTRAL with the other light circuits (the one that works as expected).

    I've asked the electrician to isolate the wiring from the circuit panel to the PD-5NE and to the chandelier... and it is still happening! So, assuming he didn't mess anything up when he isolated it, the circuit should look like this: (I think you'll have to click it to see it full size)

    So, what's going on here? Why would this glow? What can I do about it?
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    The digital type dimmer that is a Caseta (neutral and non-neutral) never truly turns off. There is a small amount of 120v amperage that remains to keep the circuitry in the dimmer running and the LED readout on. Equates to about 5 or so milli-amps. Capacitive loads (LEDs) will sometimes use this minimum amount of amperage to remain on if energized previously. Previously, Lutron discouraged the use of their shunt capacitor when dimming (LUT-MLC), but has recently changed course and has acknowledged the use of this to remove the dim glow your are seeing. It just bleeds off enough from the LED readout to allow the fixture to turn completely off. Sourcing can be done at an electrical distributor that is familiar with Lutron and has a good relationship with their rep. Reasonably affordable, list price I believe is about $6.00.
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