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Thread: Using QSE-IO to trigger lights just at night

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    Using QSE-IO to trigger lights just at night

    I am using Homeworks QS 10.7.0.

    I want flood lights to come on for 2 minutes when an alarm beam is tripped at night only.

    I have setup a Day and Night Variable. I have setup an Automatic Sequence that tells the lights to turn on, then take 2 minutes until the next step which turns them off. I have then selected a spot on the QSE-IO on the Program Tab and made it a Conditional. Here is what it says: IF "Day to Night" IS "Night" THEN RUN "Action 1" which is the Sequence.

    Is this correct? Will my lights only turn on at night, for 2 minutes and only if the beam is tripped? Also, what happens in the case that the beam is tripped several times within 2 minutes? Does the system wait for sequence or start new ones on top of the old one.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    J. Alexander Luty
    iQ Electronic Interiors, Inc.

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    I would do it a bit different I would eliminate the sequence

    Make 2 actions 1 lights off and 1 lights on. assign lights to action and program below.
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