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Thread: Anyone get siri to open garage door with connect bridge?

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    Anyone get siri to open garage door with connect bridge?

    i got a connect bridge installed today, but i haven't been able to figure out how to get siri to open my garage door. I'm impressed with how smart siri is with the rest of the lights, I'm able to be vague with my commands and siri gets it right every time! unlike alexa, which requires you to be real precise with your commands. i really like how you can specify a percentage. i just yell out "hey siri, lower living room to 10 percent" brilliant! anyways, i don't see the VCRX listed anywhere in the connect app. i have a "virtual" keypad with a button for the garage door, but the connect app doesn't seem to interact with keypads or scenes. any ideas???

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    I wonder the same... Cant even get the pulsed output to appear in the connect App.

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    Hello Trax95008
    Thank you for your post.
    Homekit will pull in the lighting zones. Pulsed output closures are not viewable in the Connect app as a zone so Homekit will not see them. Homekit does not have the capability to press keypad buttons on the Ra2 side. Although using the Connect app you can program a pulsed output closure to a keypad button and of course press the button from the app.

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    I already have the contact closure linked to a button on a "virtual" keypad for use from my phone. I was just hoping to activate it using Siri. I'm hoping someone will come up with something creative

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    I know this is an old thread, but did anyone solve it yet? This issue has been driving me crazy.

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    2 easy-ish ways to do it. 1) use a 3rd party controller to turn your VCRX inputs or keypad button into a virtual garage door. The easiest are Hubitat or Home Assistant. Both require running a Homebridge instance, or 2) use a MyQ Home Bridge.

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