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Thread: Please help!!! First lutron radiora 2 install and programming

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    Please help!!! First lutron radiora 2 install and programming

    hello, this is my first lutron install/program. im radiora 2 level 2 with inclusifve 10.7 software. as of now the house has 175 devices. the costumer has stone pillars throughout his house with led fiber optics in them. his rgb led driver engine is RF wireless controlled. so to control and Change the led colors would i integrate a lutron QSE-CI-DMX controller with a Grafik eye QS Wireless to control RGB lighting as part of a RA2 system . Or is there a better route. we wired his house for the radioRA 2 system so there's no Changing that.


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    Hello johnvaldez420,
    Thank you for your post.
    There is no DMX control support from RadioRa2. I have heard of others using some form of contact closure interface using the VCRX. Other than that you would need some form of 3rd party to act as the middle man to perhaps read Ra2 button presses and then send a command to the DMX interface. That is assuming the DMX lighting you current have will support standard integration methods.

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