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Thread: QED R100 Flash Tool?

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    QED R100 Flash Tool?

    Does anyone know how to use this tool I found on the software page at mylutron?

    I have a project where limits fail on one drive somewhat frequently, and wanted to see if this might help. I don't see a readme or instruction link in the tool.

    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    The instructions are on the link below where you downloaded the IHA software.
    Go to
    At the top, click on Register or Login to myLutron.
    Enter your myLutron email address and password.
    Go to Service & Support > Design & Configuration Software.
    Scroll down the page and you should see Custom IHA Tool Software.
    In this section is a PDF of the Custom IHA Tool instructions.

    If you don't have this link, or can't login to myLutron, please contact our Customer Service department at 1-844-588-7661.

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    Hi Brian- thanks for trying to help with this problem. The Title of this software is QED R100 Flash Tool. The description reads: QED R100 Flash Tool

    Assistance with Sivoia® QED roller 100™ shades that either lose their position or do not move.

    It's located directly above the IHA software link on the software page.

    Can you help with instructions for use of the R100 Flash Tool?


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    Sorry about that. The IHA Tool instructions are the same as the Flash Tool in showing you how to physically wire the interface to the panel.

    There aren't any written instructions for using this. Basically, here are the steps:

    1. Certain interfaces on the link can cause communication issues with the Flash Tool. Make sure to unplug the following interfaces from the QED panel or link if present:
    - HWI-SV
    - HWI-Q96
    - SG-SVC
    - SO-SVC
    - RA-SVC
    2. Open the Flash Tool.
    3. Set the COMM port to the correct COMM Port number (this can be found in your computer's Device Manager under Ports.) and click on Connect.
    4. Click on Run Test to see if you get communication with your shades. This will display the number of devices of each type seen on the link.
    5. Finally, click on FLASH ROLLER 100/225s WITH CODE REV 6D. This will probably take about 10-15 minutes to update the code.

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