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Thread: Table Top Dimmer

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    Table Top Dimmer


    My son managed to spill fruit punch over one of our table top Radio RA2 dimmers. I cleaned off the surface liquid but now a day later the main button and dimmer button are sticking from the dried juice. Is it easy to open one of these up and clean it out? Looking underneath I don't see any screws unless they are under the rubber feet or the sticker.

    Any thoughts or experience with this?


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    Anyone? Please help if you can. Thanks.

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    If it's like the 1st generation of Ra keypads there are four tabs holding the top to the bottom. They're under the near & away sides of the top, none on the left/right sides. Trouble is the tabs are pretty delicate. You have to pry into the seam from the top at a downward angle. You're looking to put a firm bit of inward pressure to push the tab in and pry it upward just a little. Then do this on the one next to it. Don't pop one up fully until you've ease the other one up too. Otherwise the bottom part of the tab will break. The halves will go back together and stay tight reasonably without the bottom piece of a tab, but you want to avoid breaking them.

    If you're lucky and get it apart without breaking the tabs use proper electronics cleaning techniques. In the Ra1 keypads the plastic buttons simply depress small button switches that are directly on the circuit board. If the button itself is sticking then something like CRC Contact cleaner would be one product to consider. Trouble is the switches are VERY small and if there's gunk in one it might be nearly impossible to remove effectively.

    I was rather surprised/disappointed not to see any kind of barrier providing moisture protection. I guess when these were first engineered (which has to be about 15 years ago) this wasn't an uncommon way to design something like this. Nowadays, however, you'd hope to see better. Especially given the ridiculous price tag on these.
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