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Thread: Connecting to Main repeater with more than a connect bridge on same network/switch

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    Connecting to Main repeater with more than a connect bridge on same network/switch

    This weekend I got around to setting up the new connect bridge for my own house and I'm reminded what a pain it is to deal with this constant issue of finding main repeaters/connect bridges. My home network consists of a 24 port switch with a ubiquiti edgerouter. Couple of computers and APs on the network and 1/8 times I'll connect and transfer if I'm lucky. I just think it's a ridiculous that in the 21st century of IoT I have to carry a "small" router that I setup and match customers/mine gateways IP ranges etc. a little rant here but has anyone had any luck setting the bridge and main re. on a VLAN successfully? I haven't tried but am wondering if it will cause communication issues from the outside when I try to use Siri/connect app for making a change while away from home. Thanks in advance.

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    What version of the software are you using? There is a thread in the RA2 section where someone logged in, found, and transferred via the 11.0 quite quickly. I have yet to switch. May try an update and have better luck, and I feel your pain.
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    The newest version. 11.0 main rep. Updated as well. When I use the single router with just my laptop and the main rep/bridge then it doesn't even stutter. It's only when it's on a local network that it has issues. That's why I was thinking VLAN but I'm not sure how the whole thing with the bridge and outside communication will go.

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