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Thread: Username and Password

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    Username and Password

    Is there a way to change the password of homeworks Illumination.
    what happen is my boss forgot the password and we cant log in.

    but the ios app of homeworks illumination username and password is still working with username = 1, and password =1.
    but when i try to logon using the web. the password is wrong.
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    Not sure what you are asking

    Can you get into the processor with the software ?

    There are 3 types of credentials/passwords

    1) logging into processor via telnet gui/software default pw jetski that allows you to log into processor either with the software or via telnet
    2) web server passwords those are for the image you posted set up on link 9 I believe under web server
    3) telnet passwords for 3rd party devices and the very old app Those also link 9 under telnet

    What are you looking to change

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