So one of my pet peeves with Ra2 (and QS) last year was that the designer software had a lot of trouble locating the main repeater (or processor on QS) on the local network and more than a few times I'd be forced to connect directly with a cable, change all the settings on my computer, set up static IP, and something that should take 2 minutes would take an hour of talking to tech support.

Today, using version 11(with fireblock disabled for that software), I was on a new job, connected main repeater to the switch, connected my laptop to the wifi, and pretended it was 2012 and thought I'd try to locate the Main Repeater without resorting to draconian methods of manually setting static IP (which is good because I have no access to changing any of the settings of the network at the customer's house). Well, color me shocked, it found it on the first try, updated the firmware through wifi, and without any fuss, I was able to work on the system.

Good job Lutron! I don't know what you did, but it looks like you tweaked the madness that is multicast with your systems.