I'm struggling with how to piece together a DIY project. II am in the final stage of a dedicated home theater build. There are 4 lighting zones in the theater and I am using Caseta to control each zone & create viewing scenes. The 4th zone will be three backlit LED movie posters. Each will be wall mounted & I have a recessed outlet located behind each frame location. All 3 locations run to a single switch.

I have not been able to find any 'pre-made' movie poster boxes that are can be dimmed with a Caseta dimmer, so now I'm looking to construct my own. My knowledge of piecing together power supplies, transformers, etc is a bit lacking (but I was able to figure out how to do 60LF of RGB ceiling cove lighting, so I think I can figure this out as well with a bit of direction). Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Each poster box will have approx 50LF of strip light. So, there will be 50' plugged into outlet 1, 50' plugged into outlet 2, 50' plugged into outlet 3 - which would make for a total of 150LF going to a single switch (I think this is important to figure out the full load on the switch?? not sure)

I have purchased a Caseta dimmer switch, but maybe I might have got the wrong one - the one I have is the standard dimmer, pd-6wcl, but some of the research I have done I am thinking it might need to be the PRO dimmer, PD-10NXD

Can anyone recommend what is needed for transformer/driver/power supply & striplight brand to try to get all of this to work?