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Thread: 2 Maestro Occupancy Sensors in 3 way switch scenario?

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    Question 2 Maestro Occupancy Sensors in 3 way switch scenario?

    Sorry if this has been covered already, i searched the threads here but couldn't find any on this. I have searched other forums/sites and have heard people say that it is not possible to have 2 occupancy sensors controlling the same light(s). My scenario is fairly common, I have a stairwell w/ no windows that has a light at the bottom and a light at the top. There are switches at the bottom and the top that both turn both lights on and off if switched.

    I have already successfully installed the maestro occupancy sensor switch on the bottom of the stairs and would now like to have one on the top too. If this is not possible, can somebody please explain why?

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    Hello delatush,

    The reason you cannot use two sensors in a 3-way is because one of the sensors will cut power to the second one when it turns off. This will not allow the second one to function. The only thing we could recommend if you must have occupancy sensing at both locations would be to use a Maestro Wireless switch with battery operated wireless sensors. You could accomplish this with the following model numbers.

    (1) MRF2-8S-DV
    (1) MA-AS
    (2) LRF2-OCR2B-P-WH

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