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Thread: Ecosystem?

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    Have a project in front of me that will be part QS and part Ecosystem. I haven't completely wrapped my head around it yet (I was brought in by the electrician). First problem is that I know nothing about Ecosystem., and there doesn't seem to be any info/training on it on MyLutron. Can anyone point/link me in the right direction?
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    I did a job last year where we had to add ecosystem at the last minute due to a mix-up between the electrician and lighting designer. I became well-versed in the eco modules overnight... If you read the install guides you'll get it pretty quick. We had 260 eco downlights that were distributed over 5 mech rooms so it was a bit of a management headache. I think the hardest part was actually figuring out the naming convention (load-id's) in the software - and of course walking around (searching) for all the fixtures to activate them wasn't much fun.

    We've already taken advantage of having control over every fixture - they added a wall in one room to make a closet and we were able to just split up the 12 fixture group into 3 separate loads--no sheetrock was harmed during the process.

    I'd be happy to go over my design docs with you if you'd like - let me know.

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    Hello AndyM,
    Thank you for your post.
    Please see the linked app note on the topic.

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