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Thread: Are there plans to integrate the Jandy IQ20 into HWQS?

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    Question Are there plans to integrate the Jandy IQ20 into HWQS?

    I have a client that is extremely happy with his new QS system and has had us add the Nest thermostats and Sonos interfaces to it. He would now like to put his Pool and Spa on the Connect App. I see that Jandy still makes the 7620 for 232 control so we could start writing strings and put his functions on keypad buttons, but I would like to sign straight in and replicate their iPhone app on the Lutron Screen. Are there plans for a partnership or is there one and I haven't searched the correct string? Thank you.

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    Hello RodMueller,
    Thank you for your post.
    There is no official information to share on integrating with Jandy IQ20. I will ensure your feedback gets reviewed by the appropriate teams.

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