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Thread: Motion sensor, color lights, and Home integration

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    Motion sensor, color lights, and Home integration

    Hi there, I'm just getting started on a Caseta setup in my apartment and had a couple questions. 90 percent of my lights are table lamps which is what pushed me towards Lutron as the plug in dimmers seemed some of the best on the market. Reading up on old posts also led me to choose the pro2 hub. I am however a bit concerned that my hub choice may have been poor given the relatively small compatibility of the Smart Bridge. The few edge cases I have, lighting wise, are wanting a motion sensor in the closet and a couple instances of led strips (colored and not) which don't seem to dim and definitely aren't color controllable via the app.

    I am not invested in any ecosystem beyond the dimmers and the bridge which arrives tomorrow. I could still return the bridge and pick up a Smartthings or wink hub if that makes more sense. I don't have apple devices, but my Pixel does have Assistant and I would like to be able to use it for voice control, whether or not I get Google Home down the line? Who knows.

    I've looked through the compatibility charts so I know I could dive into one of the pro home automation systems and use motion sensors from that, or some of the Nest products through assistant, but I'm not really looking to spend hundreds just on getting a couple bulbs motion activated. Is there an obvious, or just recommended solution? I've seen the question asked, but the answers seem both dated (definitely none include Home support), and incomplete.

    Re the colored strips, I'm clueless. I know Lutron has drivers, but getting dimming working is less important in that case than getting the color working.

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    Only way to get motion with Lutron is to use the Lutron hub with a smartthings hub. Or wink, (but even with wink motion sensors are harder to find), or Apple home kit.

    If none of those options are good, you could just go with a Philips Hue system. (they have remotes, motion and colored bulb and stripes. )

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    I've considered hue largely for the strips and easy dimmer, but there's a piece of me that doesn't want two lighting hubs. My impression is that any system with either IFTTT or Assistant support could be jerry rigged into controlling those closet lights, no? Are there any motion sensors themselves that wouldn't require their own hub? I've considered a Nest Protect, but it seems overkill to put a smoke detector in the closet just to register when I'm there.

    What would you say the negative would be of going to Samsung at this point? One thing that has pushed me that way is the availability of touch control panels for Wink and I believe SmartThings. I've yet to see a way to set one up with the Smart Bridge, other than going with a pro system that ties it in.

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