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Thread: Excessive Flickering with both incandescent and LED bulbs - never happened before

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    Excessive Flickering with both incandescent and LED bulbs - never happened before

    I have had Caseta switches for over a year and a half and have NOT had a single problem until now.

    Here is what happens: it seems almost at random, but I will get a quick flicker (about 8-12 very quick flickers) in any light bulbs that are connected through a Caseta in-wall dimmer. The flicker IS NOT like a very temporary dimming when a heavy-load appliance comes on. Rather, it is a very fast flicker and then the flicker will not happen for anywhere from one minute to five minutes although usually within a minute or so it happens again.

    This flickering occurs with lights that contain all incandescent bulbs or all LED bulbs. The flickering does not discriminate with what type of bulb is in the lighting fixtures. I have two separate rooms that have 5 lights in the fixtures - one with 5 incandescents and one with 5 LED and one bathroom bar with 6 incandescents. They all have started flickering recently. By the way, we have 5 fixtures with Caseta in-wall switches with two of them also controlled by Pico switches.

    Here is what I have observed that is curious: in being able to see both 5-light fixtures simultaneously, when they flicker, they both flicker at the same time and for the same length of time. However, the standard switch-controlled light (non-Caseta) does NOT APPEAR to flicker as the Caseta-controlled lights are flickering.

    Here is another curious item. The lights have not flickered like they are now in the first 18 months of usage. The flickering appeared to start when our local utility company (PPL Electric) installed a new electric meter as they are doing for everyone in our area. This is the latest in their smartmeter series. Our previous electric meter was also a smartmeter but no issues were observed during its years of being used. I only mention this because our problems with the Caseta switch controlled lighting APPEARS to have started around the same time.

    Here us what I have done in my attempt to troubleshoot: I have completely unplugged my Lutron Smart Bridge 2 (Model L-BDG2-WH; Firmware 4.3.1). Even with it unplugged, the flickering continues. It didn't decrease or increase the number of flickering episodes or the number of flickers.

    I also contacted our local utility company PPL. They came out within two hours and pulled the meter, checked and tightened all connections behind the meter and said that they saw no issues with the connections. In talking to the repair person via phone since I was not at home when they visited, he said that if the flickering continues, they could come back and put a monitoring device on the line to monitor the voltage. I'm thinking it is not an electrical fluctuation but rather something electronic since it flickers so fast. But I am not an electrician so I just don't know for sure and if their monitoring might show something despite non-Caseta lights and TVs not exhibiting any flickering.

    Is it possible that the new electronic meter is somehow affecting my Lutron devices or is that not at all likely since non-Lutron switches do not seem to be affected?

    If a picture of the meter face would be helpful to ascertain the meter type, I can provide that. I do remember seeing the word ZigBee on the meter face.

    One last comment: the lighting flickers when set for 50% or less but not if set at 100%. But why even bother having Caseta dimming switches if being dimmed is the problem? Not to mention that all of the lights now flickering with Caseta have been used at those dimming levels ever since they've been installed with no flicker whatsoever.

    Thanks for any assistance you can provide. Sorry this is so long.

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    Was this resolved ? If so how ?
    did u log a call with Lutron ?

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    Thank you for your post.
    I appreciate the detail you provided with the issue you are having. I will escalate this to our engineering team to see how we can help. Please send an email to referencing this forum post so we can start a dialogue.

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