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Thread: A19 LED bulb recommendation for Caseta dimmer (preferably warm glow)

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    A19 LED bulb recommendation for Caseta dimmer (preferably warm glow)

    OK. Here's the situation. In most of my house, I have the Philips BR30 warm glow lights connected to Caseta dimmers. Works great and I really like the warmer light when dimmed.

    In one of my bedrooms, I have a fixture which currently has 3 100w incandescent bulbs which I want to replace with LED. I installed a Caseta dimmer and then replaced the 3 incandescent bulbs with the 60w (equiv) Philips warm glow A19 bulbs. When switched on, the bulbs would all blink continuously.

    I thought I needed more resistance, so I bought the 100w (equiv) Philps LEDs. They were A21 and didn't fit.

    So, I'm asking if anyone has come across a warm glow type A19 bulb (dims to a warmer temperature) that works with the Caseta dimmer. There will be 3 bulbs connected to the switch. 60w/75w equiv or thereabouts.

    Barring that, can someone recommend a good A19 bulb that dims to a low level with the Caseta dimmer?

    Thanks so much.

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    Check the TCP Allusion series. With three bulbs, you may need the LUT-MLC or run the the PD10NXDWH. Haven't had a chance to test them in the field, but a quick bench test showed promise.
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    I have a ceiling fan with a 4 bulb light kit. I purchased the standard Caseta Wireless in wall dimmer with hub. I have no problems with 1, 2, 3, or 4 Philips Warm Glow 60 W A19 bulbs (Model 9290011345) at full, 90%, 80%, ...10%, 1% settings.
    Note I have played with the min and max settings previously when I had a set of CREE bulbs, but not for flashing problems (Just to get the most range).
    My switch box has a neutral wire, but I didn't need it with this dimmer.
    Lutron only rates this bulb with their plug in dimmer, but maybe they didn't bother to test it with the in-wall units or they had problems like you do.
    I definitely like the warm glow bulbs when dimmed.
    If you have a neutral in your wall box, you could consider the PD-5NE dimmer, although I am not sure it will solve your problem.
    I am curious if you replace one of the LED bulbs with incandescent does the blinking stop?
    Does it blink with only one LED or only two LEDs connected?
    Good luck.

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